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Oakes Daylilies 2023 Photo Contest

We offer prizes in the following THREE categories:

Please limit entries to 3 per category.

1. Landscapes & Daylilies:

Pictures of daylilies featured in a landscape setting.

2. People/Animals and Daylilies:

Pictures featuring people and daylilies as well as pictures featuring animals and daylilies.

3. Single Variety, etc:

Pictures of one variety of daylily, whether a single bloom, blooms or clumps, and whatever doesn’t fit in the other categories.

The Prizes:

The winners in each category will receive the following:

  • First Place – $200.00 gift certificate
  • Second Place – $100.00 gift certificate
  • Third Place – $50.00 gift certificate
  • Honorable Mentions in each category. We may also award other prizes for deserving entries.

Use your imagination, and good luck!

The Rules:

  • The deadline to submit entries is September 1st
  • You must be able to identify daylilies featured prominently, and they should be available from Oakes Daylilies.
  • We reserve the right to use any pictures in our catalog and to print winner’s names in our catalog.
  • We reserve the right to not award some or all prizes if there are no deserving entries.

Submit your entry

Please limit entries to 3 per category

  • Max. file size: 400 MB.